Hollow Metal Stair Baluster Spindle SCROLL 12 X 44 (Box of 5) (Satin Black) Add. $123.48. current price $123.48. Hollow Metal Stair Baluster Spindle SCROLL 12 X 44 (Box of 5) (Satin Black) Hollow Metal Steel Stair Baluster Spindle Single Twist 12" X. Richman UK Ltd T/A Stair Bits 37-39 Second Avenue Bluebridge Industrial Estate Halstead Essex CO9 2S. Step 4 - Install the Top Brackets. Measure the height of the porch column mounting brackets and mark the screw holes with the pencil. Drill the holes then take the mounting plates and screws, and screw them to the posts. Sit the railing bracket bases on the mounting plates, then insert the plastic plugs. These keep water out of the screw holes. 2 – Metal stair spindles look great in a variety of unique designs. If you want a focal point in your home to be full of character and fun, metal stair spindles are the perfect choice for rustic and.

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